Chile: Words by Compañero Juan Aliste Vega on the Departure of Pedro Villaroel

[Prisiones chilenas] Palabras del compañero Juan Aliste Vega ante la partida de Pedro Villarroel

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We’re love at war. These words for our mothers and fathers go with a touch of football, with tango rhythm and the strength of the sea.

Pedro is one of our fathers present in this continuous subversive and autonomous struggle. Pedro, has never been a member of a political party, he has never been a leader, but he has always been a father, one of those to whom we owe not only our lives. He is a father who has helped many daughters and sons in their struggle, and has been consistent in his tenderness, always breaking down the distances, the walls and the rottenness that surrounds the prison world.

Present for more than 30 years, upright, dignified, father confronting the State and its lackeys of the moment “Even if you ended up with gray hair from being a father” would say Pedro’s tango. He did not let go of his son Marcelo’s hand and by extension that of those of us who embrace this path of no return, the subversive life. With his own imprint, direct words and a master’s knowledge of football, he crossed the bars, embraced us, commented on moves and goals of the last match, emphasizing his support for Colo-Colo [Club Social y Deportivo Colo-Colo, a Chilean football club based in Santiago] and, between dribbles, he criticized us for the stubbornness and errors of our practice, finishing with a … “but hey, take good care of yourselves!”

A father present in the intensity of our lives, a figure embracing his companion, a real sign of unwavering love that navigates through the eyes of his daughters and sons, remaining and transcending in his granddaughters and grandchildren.

Pedro, because of you dear mothers and fathers we are revolutionaries without nuances. How different this shitty life would be if instead of great leaders or militants, there would be mothers and fathers as dear as our beloved ones. Love at war: On our part the endearing consequence of continuing to be what we are, thanks to your kisses, hugs and words.

Today we raise our glass to tell you: We will continue to take care of ourselves and your Marcelo.

The Tango of your death brings life and Freedom

Juan Aliste
August 2020
High Security Prison (CAS)

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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