Yogyakarta, Indonesia: About the Kricak Cooperative Kitchen Initiative

Our community is located in the center of Yogyakarta, Kricak Kidul. The initiative to create a Cooperative Kitchen is the result of a long chat about how to respond to the increasingly difficult economic situation caused by Covid-19 and global economic conditions. This kitchen is expected to be a place for Kricak youth to be creative and find alternative jobs that are increasingly difficult to find. Therefore, we will make Kricak Cooperative Kitchen as a starting point for future projects that are more community-based.

Why Kricak Kidul?

Yes, Kricak Kidul is actually quite extensive, but we decided to try a village where our community has had a long relationship. Some of us became friends while in prison a few years ago. And to deal with Kricak’s young children who often drop out of school for economic reasons and end up doing actions that often resulted in being locked up in prison from a very young age, we ended up racking our brains and having a long discussion which eventually spawned the project. We are very open to anyone who is willing to take the time to participate in our initiative.

PS: We are not representing all the residents of Kricak Kidul. Each statement here were made by individuals and community that are involved in this initiative.


(via Horizontaliz / Dapur Kooperatif Kricak)

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