West Papua: TPNPB Claim Responsibility for the Killing of 2 Indonesian Intelligence Officers

TPNPB (National Liberation Army of West Papua) have released a statement claiming responsibility for the killing of 2 Indonesian intelligence officers and the injuring of 4 members of Polri (Indonesian Police) during a firefight that took place around the 27-29 August in Yahukimo Regency.

The TPNPB operation was carried out by their Mekkun Battalion under the leadership of commander Stepen Wakla along with Siksa Pestus Weipsa and Dirmek Yando.

“…the West Papua National Liberation Army-Free Papua Organization takes a position and stands with the people to defend and protect all creatures created by God in the Land of the Patriarchs of the Papuan Nation from the crimes that have been and are being committed by the Indonesian Terrorist Forces, namely TNI / POLRI.

And the killings in Dekai, Yahukimo have been carried out to prevent the espionage activities that have been and are being carried out by Indonesian intelligence in the Territory of the TPNPB-OPM Troops in Yahukimo Regency, Papua Province.”

TPNPB also call on the Indonesian state to halt all sweep operations in the region and to enter into negotiations to resolve the armed conflict.

(information via West Papua Human Rights Defenders News)

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