Ohio Supermax Prison, U$A: Black August Message from Political Prisoner Greg Curry

Received on 10.09.2020

My name is Greg Curry, I support Black August and I encourage people in and out of prison to also support it. The time is now to put energy into the demands of a voiceless population. The time is now to be in the streets, throwing rocks at the symbols of oppression, violating curfews, making your good friends uncomfortable. The time is now, walk off the job, slow it down, break stuff.

One of America’s first known Anarchist once said: “No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law. The Law is stationary, the law is fixed.” (EMMA GOLDMAN).

Some wish for Oppression to stop, some call for equality, some call for Abolition. I think we can agree that things as is must stop. We see events playing out on the streets of America, these things are done on camera, what do you think is being done behind the walls of prisons across America?! Solitary confinement in its many forms is growing, assaults by guards happen daily on people and property of prisoners. Our mail is under assault, our diet is under assault and when prisoners turn to those of you out there that can help we need You ! We need the outside world to support causes like PAROLEILLINOIS.ORGPAPS.ORG. your local chapter of ABC. or IWOC. and newspapers like San Francisco Bay View.

There is work to be done NOW!!! FREEDOM FIRST,

Greg Curry

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