Thessaloniki, Greece: Diplomatic Vehicle Torched for Ebru Timtik & Terra Incognita Squat

On August 17, forces of the occupying army of the Republic invade and evacuate the occupied space Terra Incognita. They confiscate logistical equipment, political material as well as means of social and class struggle. After days of investigation they decide to seal the building.

The occupation of Terra Incognita has for years been one of the most historic landmarks of radical struggle and anti-authoritarian action. Next to the imprisoned militants and those excluded by state welfare and capitalist prosperity, present in the anti-fascist movement, in the social and class struggles, in the marches, in the conflicts, in the interventions and attacks on the state and capitalist interests.

The hostage-taking of the liberated territory of Terra Incognita by the hands of the state is a challenge and a call to constant war. Defending the occupation opens a new period of constant open conflict by all means. Conflict not only at the operational level with the mechanisms of repression but also at the political-ideological level with the mechanisms of state and capitalist propaganda that try to criminalize revolutionary action and social struggle.

Intensifying this conflict, we claim responsibility for the arson of a vehicle of the diplomatic corps on Ioanni Varvaki Street in Thessaloniki, in the early hours of Thursday, August 27. We call on all the world of struggle to turn the call of our comrades for International Coordination into a fiery flame of aggressive solidarity that will unite the struggles in every rebellious land of the Earth. That is why our attack is also a response to the murder of another hunger striker by the fascist state of Erdogan. Ebru Timtik passed away on 27/8, after 238 days of hunger strike, demanding a fair trial. From Greece and the evictions of operational centers of general resistance to Turkey and the murders of revolutionaries in Erdogan’s prisons, but also every corner of the world where states and capital are looting, destroying and killing militants, nothing will be forgotten.

Every step of state repression is a cause for war

Every loss is an occasion for new waves of attacks

Solidarity with the occupation of Terra Incognita and those who fight to the end against injustice

Angry squatters

(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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