Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim for an Incendiary Attack Against Transit Company Metbus

The context of fear and submission to the pandemic that has been so well capitalized on by states around the world, especially the one that the “Chilean” state is trying to subjugate us with. And one month after the arrest of Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar.

Different anarchic individuals organized themselves in advance to give a little taste of the incendiary sabotage during the commemoration of the murder of the land fighter Maca Valdés in the emblematic and historical town of Simón Bolívar and the fighters Erick Rodríguez and Iván Palacios.

At 21:30 we intercepted a caterpillar bus from route 402 of the modern fleet of the wealthy and fascist company Metbus. It came without people because it was the last route. We got the driver off the bus – not before he had taken all his things out – and reminded him that this was not against him but against his bosses. We gave him money to pay for a taxi to his house and set the machine on fire to the sound of the shouts of joy and adrenaline from the people who were demonstrating.

We fled without being stopped and laughed from the darkness contemplating the frustration of the FF.EE. [Special Forces Police] that arrived minutes later.

We launched leaflets demanding the release of the irreducible Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar. Giving a mixture of demands to the day and to the fact, on the eve of the days of agitation for the freedom of the imprisoned compas already mentioned.

As organized individuals we do not compromise in dialogues or false hopes to what the tyrants who have been annihilating our ancestors, ourselves and the earth for centuries can give us. The time has come for a definitive break!

In the illegal secrecy, we will continue to deepen this great crack that has been opened to the system that governs and obviously subdues us. Now more than yesterday, we are everywhere, spreading the germ of intransigent violence against power and all authority. In every neighbourhood, every corner, every space. Until everything bursts!

In our memory and that of all those who consider the struggle for land to be something primordial, Maca Valdés, la Negra, lives on. Murdered by the corporate state!

Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero to the streets!
Down with this sterile, speciesist and superficial world!
Up with the fertile flame of the merciless chaos against capital and all authority, EVERYONE!
Social-Antisocial War!

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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