Barcelona, Spain: Message for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


With an open horizon that is always beyond,
and that strength to seek it out with tenacity and will.
When it seems closest, it is when it is furthest away.
I have so many brothers and sisters, I can tell you about them.

Once again the most unpleasant news came, those that are not alien to anarchist circles and that refer to raids and arrests. And once again, they referred to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who have been singled out and linked again by the state to a series of explosive attacks against Carabineros units and to the former minister of the interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter. The walls of an infamous Chilean prison envelop the comrades, those who had already been seen during the Bombs Case, those who were not so different from those who held them during their years of captivity in the cages of the Spanish state and those who, throughout the world, hand out punishments and focus on crushing rebellion against authority, but who, in their case, in their constant anarchic journey, have failed in the most beautiful way.

This achievement of words spun together remains infinitely short to capture that revolt of sensations that shakes us when one of our own is captured and that cannot be harmlessly digested, nor passively forgotten. Where words are not enough, gestures, initiatives, solidarity in all its forms can be unleashed, reaffirming the bonds in the most complicated moments, where others more superficial or based on pure interest, would be shattered. And this says something about what we pursue, about who we are and about the way we have to launch ourselves into the world from the path of anarchism.

For those of us who confront domination, the story of power will never speak for us. Both guilt and innocence belong to those who exercise or condone punishment. From our destructive practice with the prison and authoritarian dynamics, we can only despise every categorisation with which the enemy tries to define, distort and separate us, whether as culprits, leaders or prisoners. We prefer to speak of comradeship, of struggle, of offensive, of solidarity, of those practices that are intertwined with each other, blurring the contours that limit where one ends and the other begins. Therefore, for us, the interesting thing, the answer, the proposal, will always go through a question as basic as it is elemental, to intensify the struggle and expand solidarity beyond immediacy. This is how a few words of solidarity are transformed into agitation and how the love and complicity towards our people search for ways to hit back and more.

We know the firmness of their convictions and in it they will find the strength to face this new judicial-police onslaught, depriving repression of the pleasure of bowing to its blackmail and devising ways to continue their contributions against the machine of Capital. For them and for every anarchist-anti-authoritarian-subversive who find themselves treading on the prison holes, all our love, solidarity and comradeship on those stretches of the road we will travel from different sides but pursuing the same goal of total liberation.

How many times throughout our history has the power tried to undermine the impulses of the revolutionaries through murder, torture or imprisonment and how many times have all their intentions been frustrated? It will not be different this time. May their twisted tactics not find fertile ground in our surroundings, may our words be sharpened, our fists be clenched and our praxis be strengthened. Obedience is not for us.

Fire and strength for the imprisoned anarchist-anti-authoritarians.
Fire to the prisons. Freedom for all.

Some anarchists. Barcelona, 24th August, 2020.

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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