North Kurdistan / Turkey: Militant Actions in Amed, Batman and Van

Militant actions take place every day in many places in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey. A group with the name “Martyr Destan Revenge Unit” has claimed responsibility for several actions in Amed (Diyarbakır), Batman and Van. According to the statement released by the group, on August 22, the militants struck an armored bus with village guards and soldiers near the village of Kepo near Batman with incendiary devices. An action against a specialized sergeant of the Turkish army in Batman followed on August 23.

In addition, the revenge units reported an action on August 16 in Bostaniçi, Van. The police attacked a celebration with tear gas, and self-defense units intervened in response, which resulted in fierce clashes. The action was carried out in memory of guerrilla fighters Sarya Besta, Vejîn Agir and Avareş Helhel, who died in Çatak district of Van on June 28.

(via ANF English)

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