Wisconsin, U$A: Kenosha Erupts After Police Try to Execute Jacob Blake

24.08.2020: Jacob Blake was shot by an officer of the enemy in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday. Blake, 29, had been working on breaking up a fight, when he returned to his vehicle with his 3 sons inside. The pig grabbed his shirt and shot him 7 times as he was turned away. Blake is currently in intensive care, fighting for his life.

The people of Kenosha responded in-kind, attacking the courthouse, burning cars and dump trucks, breaking police cars, hurling bricks and Molotovs at pigs. They succeeded in knocking at least one pig unconscious, protecting others from his attacks. The courthouse was set on fire.

This attack comes shortly after the George Floyd Rebellion, in response to the police executing another black man on the streets of Minneapolis. The rebellion began in May in dozens of cities and towns across the United States, and in Portland, Oregon, and Louisville, Kentucky, where Breonna Taylor was executed by pigs, protests and uprisings continue until today.

(via Abolition Media Worldwide)

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