Italy: Solidarity Poster for Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Carla

One year, five months, nineteen days since that February 2019, when the Asilo squat inĀ  Turin was evicted and six of the comrades were arrested.

The seventh cannot be found.

We remember well the anger and determination that poured into the streets in the days that followed.

After a long time as a fugitive, now that Carla is imprisoned, those moments come back to our minds and warm our hearts.

Every minute that has passed since then, in which the net of the State has failed to encircle her, is a piece of freedom that has been painstakingly and courageously won, as well as real damage to the repressive apparatus.

We know that freedom must be seized, day after day, minute after minute, and all our complicity and solidarity goes to the indomitable hearts that in any case decide to seize it.

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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