Chile: Letter from Comrade Francisco Solar for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


Words by comrade Francisco Solar for the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners (23-30 August 2020)

How can we achieve moments of freedom, even if they are only brief and sporadic? What are those moments where we feel that what limits us loses weight and sense?

The answers can be multiple depending on the interests of each individual, how they understand and situate themselves in this world. Perhaps some people already feel free and these questions are unnecessary because they are alien to the tentacles of power.

Those of us who do not have these kinds of dreams know that the very existence of the State places us in a situation of oppression, a situation that is necessary to fight and attack if freedom is the horizon. It cannot be otherwise.
And it is in that option of attacking that we find true moments of freedom. Since we decided to confront this world and situate ourselves as its enemies, we began to look at our surroundings differently, we began to visualize objectives and their vulnerabilities, we began to see the best way to strike at power, we began to position ourselves on the offensive.

In short, we begin to somehow take back our lives! In the generation of complicities, in the conspiracy and in action we are removing the links in our chains, we are experiencing, even if they are only fleeting, small moments of freedom.

The decision to destroy everything that has been imposed on us is made in the first person, that is to say, it is an individual decision freely assumed with all the risks that it implies. It is born from a personal motivation that does not intend to speak for others or to constitute itself as the vanguard of something, but represents an expression of the struggle, like so many others, that do not seek intermediaries.

Solidarity between anarchists must necessarily go in this same direction to avoid and break with positions that tend to lean to victimization. Solidarity is essential in that it be carried out in the first person, as a free and individual act against power and not only to denounce the situation of this or that comrade.

Anarchic solidarity is a revolutionary solidarity which understands that an important form of solidarity is to continue to strike. Understanding that every action against power is a gesture of solidarity with the comrades in prison. That it sees the struggle in the imprisoned anarchist comrades and does not reduce them only to the category of prisoners, which is where power has placed them. It is to remind the enemy that no matter how much they imprison us, we will continue to attack them, without pausing, and that we have assumed our imprisonment since we took up the struggle.

May this world and its prisons explode!

Francisco Solar
-Maximum Security Section-
High Security Prison (CAS)

(via 325)

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