Switzerland: White Saviorism or Solidarity?

“Help” can be oppression, especially when it comes to exercising solidarity with the oppressed and those affected by racism as white privileged Swiss.

Colonizing and oppressive processes of BIPOC were mostly historically justified by the colonizing perpetrators by the fact that they wanted to help us BIPOC. Often under the pretext of “charity” (in quotation marks).
The reasons for justification are often considered:

1. Christian religion
2. economic performance
3. spiritual enlightenment
4. “Civilization.”

For this purpose, the perpetrators construed the person opposite them as “in need of help”.
BIPOC are:

1. outnumbered by civilisation
2. cannot look after themselves
3. they would only harm themselves.
4. so they need a “gentleman”

The central point was that BIPOC did not ask for “help”, but forced it on them by force.

This again with the justification that BIPOC would not have the insight to realize that they needed “white saviors”.

The inferiority of BIPOC was derived from a racialized narrative: BIPOC are “genetically” inferior, they are just that.

Moreover, while colonization is listed as “aid” to BIPOC because of their racial inferiority, it was justified to other whites because of their alleged dangerousness if not controlled and dominated.

While “help” and “charity” served the ideological justification for colonization, it was economic and cultural self-interest that formed the motives of the colonizers.

From forced cultural assimilation, economic and sexual exploitation to the physical extermination of people from colonized peoples, colonization processes have always been violent processes of oppression, committed under the ideology of help and charity.

In many cases, colonized and indigenous societies were intact societies, which were only violently pushed into the status of “needy” by colonization and oppression.

They also shape how BIPOC are dealt with in left-wing contexts.
Self-organisation of BIPOC is essential because it creates spaces that reduce the colonial-racist imprint of the white left.

And dear white left:
Don’t speak of “solidarity” if your practice is not solidarity, which always takes place in recognition of the other, with agreement and on an equal footing, but you practice colonial racist “help” and “charity”.

(via Barrikade, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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