West Papua: Rest In Power Hengky Wanmang, TPNPB Freedom Fighter


17.08.2020: We have lost one of our Commanders. Mr. Hengky Wanmang was a TPNPB Commander of the Timika region. He had dedicated his life to protect the West Papuan people against all form of colonial rule on West Papua soil. Like many he was convinced that Freeport McMoran Gold & Copper mine was the beginning of all the suffering in West Papua. He once called and declared war to close the Freeport mine. I am sure that his message was heard by many of our people. Thank you for your Fighting Spirit.

Indonesia, you have just killed a Free Man. His Spirit will live on in many.

1 Jatuh 1000 Berdiri.
Selamat jalan Pahlawan Bangsa Papua.

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