Chile: Words from Comrade Joaquín García Chanks on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

Received and translated on 17.08.2020:

[Comunicado de Joaquín García Chancks/ Santiago Chile.]

It seems that Denial does not give rise to any unshakable Truth, Reason or Logic, that from the fight against the falsehood of the existent, only a path sown with doubts results, in which the present and the future are blurred, with a diffuse tinge, a dense fog in which it will always be difficult to navigate, but there is something that brings clarity back to this path; It is the compass of confrontation that appears as the reason behind the inseparable notion of a symbiosis of theory and practice, the point of view of an existence, sometimes errant.

The dynamic of the combat shakes existence to bring it back to life, endowing it with the Fieriness that boredom and monotony often extinguish; the construction of an antagonistic existence then brings with it the capacity to live far from the virtuality imposed by a normality dictated life, the blow by blow of the joyful attack, impeller of the mythical creative destruction and the suffering of when we are not the ones who attack, of prison, death, which flirts with subversion, are the flavors of life, real life, bitter drinks and ambrosia.

Today we are drinking from that bitter drink; two dear brothers and sisters are arrested and charged with placing multiple explosive devices, including the one sent to former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter and one sent to the fifty-fourth police station in Huechuraba. It is undeniable that both beautiful attacks speak of historical continuity, of the blow of memory that does not forget. The Power disrupted and fearful with the arrest of the alleged perpetrators, who remember, that the revolt was not the culmination of a rebel ecstasy, it is the creation, the turning point of hundreds of lives in combat.

A big hug from afar, full of love, affection and strength for you, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar.

Long live Anarchy.

Joaquín García Chanks.
Cas. Santiago Chile
14 August 2020

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