Berlin, Germany: Dussman Security Vehicle Torched

[B] Dussman abgefackelt

During the night from Thursday to Friday (13/14 August) we torched a Dussman vehicle at a Norma parking lot in Pankow, hoping to take at least one of the fancy cars parked next to it as well. That it has now become a total of 6 or 7 cars (inconsistent reporting) is all the better.

As a security company, Dussman has clearly failed, but not only this time. But we would also like to thank our neighbourhood for their solidarity, as they were so deeply relaxed in the humid heat and probably despite it being the first week after the summer holidays they decided to let the vehicle burn. On Friday Dussman-Schalk was able to lie down again instead of going about their usual shabby activity.

With this attack, we participate in the previous issued call for Syndikat! In solidarity with all threatened projects in and outside Berlin!

Get off the defensive!

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