Switzerland: Queer Resistance – From Zurich 2 Warsaw

15.08.2020: Yesterday, we, radical queers and their supporters, came together in front of the Polish consulate in Zurich to show solidarity with the queer resistance against the reactionary politics in Poland and the recent and ongoing attacks on the LGBTIQ+ community. The pictures already reached the collective STOP BZDUROM, of which activists are still detained. QUEERS BASH BACK! ACAB!

following the speech of Tuesday


We meet here in front of polish consulate to stand up against the government and police violence towards LGBTQI+ communities in Poland where queer activists right now are being arrested and criminalized for their fight against violence, oppression and hate towards queer people.

We are queer and we are here!
We are not going to be pushed aside for fighting for our human rights and our basic right to love.
To police and nationalistic and oppressive governments:
We are not afraid!
We are angry and we are not going to be silenced by you anymore, when all you have to do is listen!
Free all the queers now!
Free all political prisoners!
STOP anti-LGBTIQ propaganda and violence NOW. STOP THE BULLSHIT

Queers fighting for their human rights – We see you!
Police and government abusing your power – We see you!

There is no tolerance for using LGBTQI+ people in the nationalistic, catholic narrative and hate propaganda! STOP BZDUROM!
We are not an ideology!
But we love together and we fight together!
Nie jesteśmy ideologią!

We are standing strong with Polish queer resistance. We are standing strong with queer resistance and resistance against totalitarian systems in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Hungary AND ALL OVER THE WORLD!

We call for international awareness and action to stop the aggression against queer people. Margot of the radical queer collective STOP BZDUROM has been officially put in two months pre-trial detention, which is an extreme measure, usually reserved for so called “violent criminals”.

Since 2019, STOP BZDUROM has been fighting against public displays of homophobia like the vans linked to ‘Pro-Prawo do Życia’ Foundation (“Pro-Right to Live”) which has led to the first arrest of Margot three weeks ago.

Since then the collective has made a performance involving hanging out pride flags from various Warsaw monuments – which in the eyes of our authoritarian government equals desecration and offending religious feelings. Three of our activists spent forty hours in police custody, only to hear their charges and get released. Many activists have been violently arrested besides Margot. She is possibly facing a seven years long sentence. Right now, we can only expect further displays of police brutality and violent suppression of activists.

To Margot and all the queers in arrest now:
You will never walk alone!
Nigdy nie będzieszszła sama!
STOP abusing the law and taking power from the people and the minorities!
We are strong because we are different, give us our voice back!

We are here to raise awareness about the present LGBTQ+ communities struggle in Poland and other countries and call for action to stop the discrimination and criminalization of queer and feminist activists. Let’s unite the international struggles of all marginalised groups against oppression! From the queer resistance in Warsaw, the Black Lives Matter fight, the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Rojava, the anti-capitalist struggle in Chile, the current demonstrations in Belarus, and many other, including the ongoing feminist struggle.

Thank you again for showing up today. Please, inform yourself and involve yourself! Follow the recent events on STOP BZDUROM facebook page and donate for their bail fund and lawyers help and further actions at ​https://www.firefund.net/stopbzdurom

Let’s be careful with each other so we can be dangerous together!

(via Barrikade)

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