U$A: People in Chicago Rise Up Against Police Shooting

10.08.2020: In the night of Sunday, August 9th, Chicago was on fire with demonstrations, clashes and expropriations of luxury goods in downtown Chicago after cops shot a young man in the Englewood neighborhood.

The uprising started after pigs ran up on and chased a 20 year old, who fled and shot at them in self defense. The pigs shot and injured the young man who is now in the hospital, injured and held captive by the police.

People gathered around midnight. They hit back at the pigs, throwing rocks at squad cars and firing shots at them. A deputy was hit in the face when someone threw a brick through a squad car window.

Multiple luxury stores in downtown Chicago were opened, resulting in the reported liberation of $66 million worth of goods. This comes after people have been made destitute by COVID-19. Many have lost their jobs, their loved ones due to mishandling of the pandemic by the state, and face eviction in the coming months.

(via Abolition Media Worldwide)

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