Warsaw, Poland: Margo from Stop Bzdurom Collective Detained Again – Timeline of Events

(via Syrena / Facebook):  !?️What happened yesterday!? ️

1: Friday 7 August. After 16 pm, the court accepted the complaint of the prosecutor’s office and ordered two months of arrest for Margo from Stop Bzdurom in connection with the charges of destroying the Pro Right to Life Foundation’s homophobic van.

2: Margo was then at Campaign Against Homophobia. Even before the police came to Solec, there were dozens of people under the foundation’s windows. Margo and her lovedmones were waiting inside, talking to the gathered, playing songs. We chanted, chanted about solidarity and that they would stop one, thousands will appear.

3: Around 18:30 Margo decided to let the police take her to her jail. She went out on ul. Solec among the cheer and approached the commander. And that’s where the problem began, because the officers didn’t want to drive her to jail. For several minutes, Margo in a crowd of gathered people approached all officers and asked if it was enough for them to arrest that she had a jersey with Christ and holds the rainbow flag in her hand.

4: The situation was curious, the police claimed that it was only there for the spontaneous assembly. The whole group decided to go to the famous monument in Krakow’s suburbs. More than 200 people passed Solce and Tamka singing and chanting. Margo shouted to the megaphone that this is the unofficial Equality Parade 2020.

5: A moment after 19 we arrived / leaves in Krakow’s suburbs. That’s where Margo said goodbye to everyone and started walking towards the Christ monument. She was immediately caught by uniforms and un uniformed police officers and put her in an unmarked car waiting on the promenade. As soon as she was put inside, the officers surrounded the car.

6: people gathered sat around the car demanding Margo be released. The blockade lasted for over an hour. During this time several people hung rainbow flags on Mikołaj Copernicus monument. We shouted and chanted.

7:  At 20, when the officers joined the officers present in Krakow’s suburbs, the police decided to break the blockade.
They started taking out car blockers. At the same time, police officers in civilians entered the crowd and started pushing people together with uniforms. They pushed one of the people with such strength that she hit the curb with her head. The car drove off towards the castle square. Margo was transported to the capital station in Nowolipiu.

8: Police ANI TIME called the gathered to split up. Officers started forming boilers and stopping people. They pressed activists and activists with their knees down.

Radio Zet’s reporter was beaten and flipped to the ground. Hit MP Magdalena Filiks and MP Maciej Gdula. MP Klaudia Jahira has landed in a cauldron.

9: at 20:40 pm, police cars blocked Krakow’s suburbs towards the Royal direction.

A moment after 21 the police drove into people already spreading. Passers-by were caught, people were picked up from the subway station. Officers cuffed and threw more people in the suk. Only around Krakow’s suburbs dozens of people were detained.

10: 10 minutes later, around 21:20 a solidarity demonstration began under the command on Wilcza. Solidarity also took place on Zakroczymska and under the Mostowskich palace on Nowolip.
Dozens of people gathered on Wilcza who kept the detained for over an hour screaming and playing instruments.

After an hour there were three bitches. The megaphone told everyone to split up. Solidarity was broken, about 10 people were taken by the police.

We will dedicate a separate post to whoever happened at night. The detained were transported from one command to another, they are in a dozen places throughout the city. A 24-hour court was applied to several people.

But before this:

What happened yesterday is an attempt to intimidate all people who are ready to fight for their rights and secondly know what solidarity means and that without solidarity we cannot fight.

 We will not be intimidated by a country that wants to discipline, divide and show that for unconditional solidarity we will be punished in the form of repression.

We are thoughts with all detained, that everyone who suffered violence yesterday. None of them are going alone!

If you can add to the legal aid collection: https://zrzutka.pl/ex3vfh

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