The Quarantine of Fascism in Peru

The following text is a translation by Anarchists Worldwide of an article from Estallido Antisocial / Antisocial Outburst, a new anarchist publication from Chile. You can download a copy of the publication HERE.

The Quarantine of Fascism in Peru

The presence of the military and the police is normalized and applauded by a large part of the population.

The repression of the Peruvian state against the population or “the disobedient” as they say, is the same as what they do in protests or during any curfew in a territory in conflict with an extractive industry, with a company that exploits its workers or that pollutes us like Monsanto on our tables, like the mining companies in the mountains, the oil companies in the jungle, and so on.

This repression of “the disobedient” comes with humiliations such as doing exercises as if it were a barracks or a military or police drill. There are also beatings and haircuts with the approval and mockery of people who inhabit the neighborhoods and they start recording the situations when the same agents who exercise the repression in Peru and other countries such as Ecuador or the Dominican Republic carry it out.

Another situation that has been seen is the applause, celebration and cheering by citizens in the face of the curfew and the arrival in the streets of the military, police and municipal police, forgetting what this decree has historically meant as an instrument of repression that has also reappeared in countries like Chile.

There has also been recurrent police and military intimidation of homes in certain neighborhoods where, even with people inside their homes, they are forced to turn off their lights and close their windows shouting “glory to Peru and death to the enemy”.

The population becomes police and spectators of the repression and the politicians and repressive agents protect each other by endorsing and allowing the continuity of the actions of “order and obedience” materialized in numerous documented cases of beatings and humiliations against people detained in the street for not complying with the quarantine.

After the cases are transformed into publicly disseminated records, the police try to clean up their image by playing songs and dancing in their quarantine patrols, seeking approval and normalization of their actions of “sacrifice for order” as has also happened in Colombia, Spain, Italy and many other places. In addition to the intensity of all this, the national anthem is being played by the police and military on megaphones or via speakers.

However, their actions and deceptions are exposed. An example of this was the case of a girl who, after being “helped” by police in the middle of a television office because of the closure of the Metropolitano (the most important means of transport in the capital that links the peripheries with the administrative and commercial centres), was abandoned to her fate once the cameras were turned off.

Criminalization also affects undocumented migrants who, given the precariousness in which they live, are going out to loot. Low-income local people also participate along with vandals who are tired of price speculation not only by supermarkets but also from the same markets “of the people” that profit with a business mentality within the same neighborhood. Images with similar scenes be seen in a video entitled “Noche de saqueos y tensión en la frontera entre Venezuela y Colombia pese a la cuarentena” (“Night of looting and tension on the border between Venezuela and Colombia despite the quarantine”), a video that can be found online.

The monopoly of truth

Throughout this period, it has been evident that the monopoly of truth based on state and private news and on private social networks such as facebook, youtube and google are part of the same system of domination. Thus, they have been in charge of silencing and hiding information about repressive acts carried out by the armed forces and cases of state and corporate corruption, eliminating accounts or publications and carrying out follow-ups such as those carried out by the Chinese government and recorded in the documentary “The Coronavirus in China”.

Doctors and scientists also play their role with the monopoly of knowledge. But aren’t they the ones who play with strains of bacteria and viruses injected or extracted from non-human animals, plants and other microorganisms financed by state or private pharmaceutical companies? Now it turns out that a vaccine that some call “the cure for the coronavirus” is only a vaccine that strengthens the immune system. Can’t we already strengthen ourselves with a vegan and naturalistic diet with the nutrients of fruits, vegetables, activated, germinated, fermented seeds and ancient foods?

The responsibility of industries, companies and the state.

The repressive measures in the quarantines decreed by states worldwide go beyond their own discourse on human rights. What they try to show as actions to protect the population are nothing but excuses to experience how far our obedience can go.

Thus people begin to accept voluntary confinement while fear of contagion increases and is propagated through the mass and official media, abiding by the confusing and changing rules of state agencies such as public health institutes and private institutions such as the WHO.

At the same time, police attitudes against those who do not abide by mobility restrictions are increasing, normalizing physical punishment and public humiliation without even looking into the reasons for people for whom being locked up is not an option when they need to subsist or live with psychological conditions of special care such as the so-called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

However, as always, the responsibility for the flood of infected and dead people is being put on those who do not abide by mobility restrictions. What about prevention measures that were not taken by the states such as quarantining tourists – mostly bourgeois – entering through airports or sea and land routes? What about the inherently poor state health systems? What about the laboratories that create virus strains and then market the vaccines? What about the scientists who play at creating new genetically modified microorganisms for use in industry, the “cure” being worse than the disease?

And finally, what about the meat industries that besides being prisons and killing centers, use drugs causing viruses and bacteria that mutate and spread in the ecosystems?

Against transphobic measures and the normalization of confinement

In addition to the above, there is the mobility restriction that separates the week into specific days for the movement of women and men on the streets. This, together with being an absurd measure generated by the norms and impositions of the patriarchal system and its binary evangelism, turns out to be a measure of segregation and harassment that leaves those of us who claim to be trans and other dissidents at the mercy of the repression of the super macho: The military, the police, and the spectator population are added to the humiliations and arrests in the streets, as shown in a video where a young trans person wearing a dress was humiliated in the midst of the repression of a group of young people who were forced to exercise on the public streets for not respecting the quarantine.

Even so, it will not be the solution either if our legal identification papers allow us to register with the gender we choose, since a legal document cannot define us or anyone else. We are human animals and we do not need concepts or documents that tell us who we are.

All these described measures of quarantine are part of the ideological and repressive weapons with which the power attacks especially the people who live in poblaciones, the racialized communities, those who sell in the street to subsist, those who need to be outdoors for special conditions of health, the elderly and other people labeled as “disobedient”. Who else will be on the list?

Confronting totalitarianism and repression

It is NOT normal to endure being locked up. Non-human animals that are prisoners of human society in zoos and laboratories or used as pets or for entertainment know a lot about this. So do the human prisoners who have risen up in different prisons and regions around the world.

The call is made to analyze all these measures and the ways in which states and industries impose decrees and restrictions that make evident the interest in prioritizing productivity and consumption before the health of the people.

It is also important today to analyze how forms of oppression of a totalitarian character are imposed, in which both governments of the right and the left aspire to the same objective of repression and control of the population. This ideal, which traditional fascist groups had already proudly embraced, is today spreading to broad social segments, often without even proclaiming itself as such.

What is clear is that with this quarantine they want to lock us up and keep us silent, submissive and fearful, betraying each other by obeying authority.

What they don’t know is that our freedom is worth more than their pigeonholing or any of their legal restrictions.

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