Athens, Greece: Support Nosotros Free Social Space



We are an international group of friends of Nosotros and we urgently want to raise 5,000 EURO towards the cost of rent and electricity accrued during the time the space was unable to operate normally, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their landlord has gone back on a previous agreement and is demanding this money to be paid within 15 days! Your solidarity is urgently needed now to help us save this vital community hub! Please take action today to save this space from being lost! 

For 15 years Nosotros Free Social Space   has been a self-organized community center in the heart of Athens . During this time, it has served as a vital meeting place for the local community and over the years Nosotros has hosted hundreds of political and cultural events, including discussions, fundraisers, screenings, theatrical performances, gigs, and book launches. Initiatives inside the building have also included a free school, community kitchens, a library, photography studio, music practice room and many more, all in keeping with its ethos of self-organization, solidarity and resistance.

In the last few months, we have all witnessed an unprecedented situation, as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of social and political life worldwide. Everyday life has been disrupted, health systems have been stretched beyond their capacity and economies have collapsed. Many people face unemployment and homelessness and we understand this is just at the beginning.

Meanwhile, free spaces which were already being confined by real estate, gentrification and state repression are under massive pressure. Continuously, these spaces are pushed to the peripheries, or close down, unable and unwilling to compete with the capitalist logic of an increasingly enclosed urban space. These self-organized and open structures are living examples of alternative ways of life, and the building blocks for a collective future together. They are places of significance for the communities that share them, especially during moments such as this pandemic. 

Nosotros Free Social Space is one such place in Greece and is currently in danger of closing due to financial hardship. It was unable to hold fundraising events or accept donations during the recent period, the center was therefore unable to pay rent. The space is independent and operates entirely on donation basis. Through financial solidarity, donations at events raise enough money to keep the space open and free for all who want to share it. 

As friends, associates and allies of this space, we are calling now on friends and strangers for financial support during this uniquely challenging time. We are asking you to help this cause by making a donation today, however small. Every contribution is urgently needed! 

What does your donation achieve?

Nosotros is an independent and self-organized space. All activities are entirely free and nobody who participates in the organization of the space receives payment. All decisions at the space are made through an open and weekly assembly and are kept until the next face-to-face-meeting. 

All the money raised through this page will go directly to the assembly to put towards payment rent and electricity which they urgently need to prevent the space from closing. 

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