Basel, Switzerland: Fire to All Prisons, Nations and Borders

On the night of August 1st we took a walk to the deportation prison Bässlergut.

We greeted the people imprisoned in there with slogans, which they answered loudly from the windows. At the same time we painted the ugly concrete block that many walkers pass by every day.

We find it absolutely disgusting and ironic that people are celebrating the oh-so-great nation of Switzerland this night, despite the fact that this nation-state, defined by borders, is murdering through a rigid policy of isolation and migration. The Bässlergut is a place where this failure and inhumanity become visible. That is why we are attacking this prison and will continue to do so!

Solidarity with all prisoners of the Bässlergut!
Colour and fire to the deportation prisons!

(via Barrikade, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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