So-Called Australia: Fundraiser for ‘2nd Wave’ First Nations Homelessness in FNQ

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I was a Magic Man. A Healer. A respected Elder in my Community. Then they took my kids and grandkids. Placed them with family that are not theirs in a place that is not their Country. This story is not only mine, it is a common path of destruction that I too faced in childhood ripped from Culture and placed in a boys home run by the Church. 

Returning to Country and regaining myself and my healing was all too short in my long life. I regained connection to Country, regained my Healing, regained my Ancestors power, only to be stood on by the feet of alien people who think they know better than I. 
I was locked up. All for protecting my own. For standing up to the bullymen who place themselves firmly on our sacred ground under the guise of Government policy. This is a story that is commonplace. 

Years in a concrete cage I rekindled my insular mentality to survive more lifetime of captivity just like the boys home. I lost my Healing, I lost my Magic, all for the second time. I may not get it back again. This ends me! 

I am later released, only to end up needing constant medical help from healers who are not my own, and don’t know my magic. They make me better and then make me sick. And I am once again a slave to the need for healing that is not mine. So I try to find a resting place. The streetlights blind me and the cars driving by keep me on edge while I try to regenerate overnight. I cannot leave. 

They tell me I’m free, but I am not. 

I fear I am no longer a Magic Man, a Healer, a First Nations Elder with much to pass on to the children and grandchildren who have been stolen from me. 

What has been done to these lands has forced me to remain a lost one.

-A common tale.

*-THIS is why we must support mob who have ended up on the streets! Yet another reason why our work is so important and why others need to do the same all across these great lands!


With the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic and the recent lifting of community roadblocks, there seems to have been a sudden increase in homeless mob around Gimuy (Cairns) and surrounds. So we’d like to follow up our success with a smaller, targeted fundraiser to tackle the immediate needs of our homeless mob. There’s also the huge added complexity of most frontline services either being at reduced capacity, or no longer providing ‘street based,’ or ‘bush based’ services due to the pandemic. 

The outpouring of support for Melbourne and VIC people who are vulnerable and now locked down has been heartwarming. Spare a thought for mob in FNQ communities who’ve been locked down on community for MONTHS! Enforced by unfamiliar Police and in some cases, Military, and profiteered from by usually the only shop on community. 

Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser back in Jan this year! We had such success with direct support for homeless and displaced mob that we are well practiced in meeting immediate and urgent needs of our people! ‘Mob lookin after mob,’ without the wasteful overheads and proper big admin costs of the big NGOs.

We will be doing the following with any funds raised:
-Helping people with immediate need: sleeping bags, food, clothes, toiletries/feminine hygiene products, cash, first aid needs etc. 
-Helping settle our old people and assisting with access to any medical services required. 
-Setting up camps or squats for people who can’t access crisis accommodation, away from ‘prying eyes’ of scum rednecks who think Indigenous people shouldn’t be allowed to camp out. 
-Purchasing phones and credit for people to keep in contact with families
-Arranging and funding ID attainment as most services won’t allow access without 100pts.
-Providing transport to reunite families displaced and to link in with any services required that we can get access to. 

We use both our own income and funds raised to ensure we provide the best possible outcomes for each individual we’ve supported! This includes a lot of old people who have recently ended up in Gimuy with NOTHING! 

Your support for Far Nth QLD Indigenous People currently displaced is urgently needed! If you’re mob yourself then please do the ‘Blak thing’ and help your Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews; and if you’re a non-Indigenous ally, this is a great way to show your solidarity with the traditional owners of these never-ceded lands.

Please share far and wide and donate generously! 

All donations go DIRECTLY to helping these mob. We DO NOT take Admin fees etc like the big NGO’s and we can provide a 24/7 immediate response to need, as long as we have the resources to do so! Services have long failed our people, and we are GREAT at mutual aid!!! We will continue to look after our own to the best of our abilities! And it’d be great to bring you along on the journey!

BIG love to all our supporters! Thank you for comin on this journey with us and showing your solidarity!
-DJ, Aunty Tam, Nate & Uncle Billy. 


DONATE HERE [Facebook]


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