France / Italy: Anarchist Comrade Carla Arrested in St. Etienne

27/28.07.2020: After almost a year and a half on the run, more precisely since February 7, 2019 when the l’Asilo Occupato was evicted and Operation Scintilla began, Carla was arrested with a European arrest warrant on Sunday, July 23rd in St. Etienne, near Lyon.

The operation was carried out by a dozen or so police from the BIS (Research & Investigation Brigade) and the DGSI (Directorate General of Internal Security) armed with assault rifles who threw her to the ground, handcuffed her and dragged her into a car. With her were some people who were driven away and then released without being identified. Apparently Carla had been under surveillance for several days.

After a first night at the city police station, she was transferred on Monday night in Paris to the SDAT (Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate) awaiting the hearing held this morning in front of the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal, who confirmed her pre-trial detention pending her extradition to Italy, also motivated by her refusal to provide information about her absconding.

A second hearing will be held tomorrow morning at the Chambre d’Istructione [Instruction Chamber], during which Carla’s consent to her extradition to Italy will be verified, which she intends to give in order not to prolong her stay in French prisons. The transfer to the Italian authorities must be made within 10 working days from the date of the hearing, to which a few days can be added for reasons of health emergency. Her extradition is scheduled for mid-August.

We know that she is located in Fresnes Prison in the new intakes section in medical isolation. She is already taking advantage of telephone access.

Some friends and comrades were able to see her as she was being brought to court and were able to exchange brief but warm greetings with her.

She is fine and her morale is fine!

The address to write to her is:
Carla Tubeuf
Ecrou n° 1010785
MAF de Fresnes
Allée des Thuyas
94261 Fresnes Cedex

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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