Turkey: HBDH Revenge Militia – “We Punished the Police in Bağcılar, Istanbul”

18.07.2020: HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) Militia: An armed action was carried out by our HBDH Revenge Militia against a police patrol car in the Yüzyıl district of Istanbul / Bağcılar district. Although the action resulted in dead and injured, the exact number could not be verified.

The HBDH Revenge Militia statement is as follows:

The Palace press always conceals the truth from the public and is hiding the truth about the content and the losses caused by this action. As for the Palace media statement, the people they captured and tortured are not affiliated with our militias. Our units have been safely withdrawn from the action area.

Our action is an act of retaliation against the child abuse and rape attacks by invading soldiers in Sirnak and Batman. AKP-MHP fascism and its fascist forces are a pack of rapists, like the DAESH (Islamic State) gangs with which it partners. Our people have been taking to the streets for days against this horde of invading rapists in Batman and Sirnak with the spirit of serhildan (uprising / insurrection) and calling for them to be held to account. HBDH punished the police in Istanbul in response to this call by our people.

We know the rapist and murderer state tradition very well, and we warn them. Fear the actions of our revolutionary forces and the anger of our people, who you impose slavery upon every day with the policies of colonialism and occupation. Our gun barrels are pointed at the necks of these rapist gangs, wherever they are. Your rotting and crumbling fascist state will not be able to protect you. The courts that enforce the fascist law of the ruling class will not be able to protect you. Every crime you commit against the people, the women and the workers will be punished by our united forces. Your army barracks, your security buildings and your safe houses that you think are sheltered will be razed to the ground and turned to rubble under the collapsed AKP-MHP fascist state.

People of Kurdistan and Turkey, the workers, the woman, the youth – it is the most honorable behavior to rise up everywhere against rapists who are rewarded by the state. The only language understood by rapists, murderers and torturers is the line of action that the HBDH has shown today. This line of action derives its strength from the resistance that rose from the dungeons of Diyarkabir and the united struggle that defeated the AKP-ISIS partnership in Rojava.

On the day of our action, we remember 38 years ago, inside the four walls of a dungeon in Diyarbakir, the July 14th insurgents – Mehmet Hayri Durmuş, Kemal Pir, Akif Yılmaz and Ali Çiçek, who refused to surrender and lit the fire of the resistance. We also salute the warriors of the Rojava Revolution with great respect, the oppressed peoples of the working classes, who defeated the darkness of ISIS. Despite the heavy price paid, the revolution continues to spread.

Fascism will be defeated and our united revolutionary struggle will win. Now is not the time for words, it is the time for action. 

(via Raperina Gel, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)





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