Leipzig, Germany: Construction Excavator Torched in Solidarity with Rigaer 94

On the night of July 15th we went to the Leipzig-Plagwitz district to express our opposition to the city of the rich and its repression.

So we set an excavator on fire. This was being used to upgrade the so-called millennium field. One of the last open spaces in the district, which is used in a self-organized way. A place where the neighbourhood meets, makes campfires illegally, builds creative skateboard ramps, makes loud music or just enjoys the free view into the sky.

We know that once the redevelopment has been completed, this wasteland will be another place for the new yuppies who have moved in. We, the dirty punks, the alternative hippies, the naive free spirits, the left-wing chaotic ones will no longer be able to find a place, because otherwise there would be no need for construction. We are for a rebellious neighborhood, organized from below.

With all means against the further upgrading of our neighborhoods!

We send solidarity greetings to the comrades of Rigaer 94, who are currently being terrorized again by the cops.

(via Chronik, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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