Turkey: Militant Groups Step Up Their Campaign Against AKP-MHP Fascism

13.07.2020: In Turkey, actions by various militant groups on cars, buildings, companies or security forces are becoming increasingly frequent. In their statements claiming responsibility for the actions, the groups refer to the annihilation strategy of the Turkish state directed against the Kurdish people and they target, besides state institutions, especially the private property of “fascists of the AKP and MHP” with incendiary devices or explosives.

On Monday, three different groups claimed responsibility for numerous actions in the past days. For example, the women’s initiative “Jinên Tirejen Roje” said that they set fire to nine cars of “AKP/MHP fascists” and “collaborators” in different districts of Istanbul on the weekend in memory of the “great resistance of the death fast of 14 July”.

The statement of the group says: “38 years ago, a resistance led by PKK cadres took place in the dungeon of Amed. Dozens of comrades paid a high price for the struggle to continue until today. In an atmosphere in which nothing was possible anymore and surrender was wanted to be forced on everyone, they showed the resistance line of PKK and Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan) and gave their lives for it. Four valuable leading militants died during the great death fast. The fact that Turkish fascism has been defeated in the dirty war being waged in Kurdistan today is the result of this resistance. In order to lead this struggle to victory and to protect the values of our martyrs, we consider every form of action as legitimate and we apply it.”

YPS-Jin: This is Heftanin

As part of its “Revenge Offensive against Colonialism and Collaboration”, the Women’s Civil Defense Units YPS-Jin claimed responsibility for actions in Şırnak, Tekirdağ and Aydın on 5 and 6 July. In Şırnak sites of Turkish authorities were set on fire, in Aydın the shop of a “fascist collaborator”, in Tekirdağ two summer houses of “fascist AKP members”.

The group refers to the invasion of the Turkish state in the region of Heftanin in South Kurdistan and says: “Against this occupation initiative we will be in continuous action in Kurdistan and in the metropolises of Turkey. We will carry the great spirit of resistance of Heftanin to the cities under the slogan ‘Ev der Heftanîn e’ [Here is Heftanin] and give a historical defeat to the Republic of Turkey. As women, we will continue to take revenge with our self-defense actions.”

The “revenge units” have claimed responsibility for further actions in Amed, Van, Batman, Bitlis and Istanbul and said: “Every attack on society or individuals is the cause for insurrection and revenge for us.”

(via ANF English)

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