Warsaw, Poland: Queer Anarchist Małgorzata Szutowicz from Stop Bzdurom Collective Kidnapped by Police

As of today (14.07.2020) Małgorzata Szutowicz, member of the queer and anarchist Stop Bzdurom (“Stop Bullshit”) collective has been kidnapped from her flat by plainclothes policemen. The police officers didn’t let her dress herself, nor identified themselves to the other person in the flat. We don’t know which police station they are from and we don’t know Małgorzata’s current location.

Stop Bzdurom is a collective founded in 2019, focused on fighting far-right initiatives in public spaces, including queer dance events blocking out a campaign by fundacja pro prawo do życia (“pro-right to life foundation”) spreading pseudo-scientific claims that homosexuality is intrinsically linked to pedophilia. Most recently they’ve been fighting against graphic and false depictions of abortion on billboards and posters in public spaces.

(via Koalicja Antyfaszystowska / Antifascist Coalition / Facebook)

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