Ireland: Fundraiser for Queer-Run Radical Housing & Permaculture Co op


We are the Affinity collective. We are a group of queer permaculturists, botanists, tradespersons, and artists,  and we are dedicated to creating an autonomous space where vulnerable people can find safety and shelter, develop skills, learn, and teach.

We are looking to purchase 8 acres of land just outside of Galway, Ireland, and using the most cutting edge permacultural and ecological methods available, cultivate it into a self-sustaining habitat for indigenous plants, insects and animals.

Our goals include:

-Getting everything running on sustainable energy (wind, solar and electricity alternatives)

-Setting up workshop and education space where community education, arts and crafts of all kinds can flourish.

-Growing a sustainable food forest.

-Working with other farms in the area and across the country in order to create a network of mutual aid.

Ireland is a small country, and we strongly believe that projects like this are the key to building a new future, one from which we can strengthen our communities and the individuals within those communities to solve the many crises that face us today.

Check out our website:

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