North Hesse, Germany: 5 Excavators Torched in Solidarity with the Struggle Against the A49 Motorway

During the night of 3 to 4 July, 2020 five excavators belonging to multi-billion company Strabag were set on fire. The machines were employed in the construction of the A49 motorway in the vicinity of Treysa, county Hessen.

On 23 June, the Federal Administrative Court cleared the last legal hurdle to the continued construction. Even though the court did not feel able to deny the inadequacy of some of the ecological compensation measures necessary for the construction, it judged the continued construction of the motorway, which had been planned for a long time, to be too important to be stopped by ecological concerns.

It was clear long before the court case in Leipzig that the institutions of the bourgeois state, whether political or legal, are not capable of and were not formed to prevent ecological disasters. Where the forces of industrial capitalism unhindered make this planet – our home – uninhabitable, direct action is necessary. Faced with a so-called “Green” party and a judiciary that continue to provoke the escalation of the conflict, we felt compelled to respond with fire.

May the fire that illuminated the night sky in the Schwalmtal, ignite the anger of all those affected by this excessive irresponsibility – all of us. No to the construction of new highways, no to contamination, no to clearing the Dannenröder forest, no to ecological destruction worldwide. Do not remain passive, do not let yourself be dragged down by a feeling of powerlessness. Let us take control of our lives where the state is trying to take it from us!

An small autonomous group in solidarity with the struggle against the A49.

(via Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide, image via Post-Romantic Queerwave)

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