Greece: Message from Anarchist Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis for the Week of Solidarity with Revolutionary Communist Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah

[Μήνυμα για τους αιχμάλωτους συντρόφους, με αφορμή την εβδομάδα αλληλεγγύης στον επαναστάτη κομμουνιστή Ζωρζ Ιμπραήμ Αμπνταλά]

Received on 03.07.2020:

Message to captive comrades, on the occasion of the week of solidarity with revolutionary communist Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah

Comrade Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah is a shinning star radiating the power of revolted life against a system that is trying to delay its own death using its terrorism as a crutch. The lengthy imprisonment, the most paranoid and anti-social torture in human history, that became a productive model by the bourgeoisie, expressed nothing more than the self-fulfilling weakness of the state to subjugate life. Imprisoned for thirty-six years, the unshakable fighter Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah, seals the defeat of statism and of imperialism with every day that his captivity is lengthened.

The solidarity campaigns to political prisoners is a work towards reminding us that capitalism is terrorism, general isolation and indifference. But this is secondary. The consecutive international campaigns of solidarity to Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah asseverate that as much as the imperialist tyrants try to bury the proletarian struggle of the Third World, the revolutionary will is strengthened. Zorz Ibrahim has long ago and forever defeated state terrorism. The coming revolutionary explosions, in other words the fulfillment of the acts of resistance for which states take revenge, are present in every day of captivity that is added to his sentence.

Almost four years have passed since the attack of the Organization of Revolutionary Self- Defense against the french embassy in Athens [Note from AWW: see photo], in the context of the open call for solidarity to Zorz Ibrahim Abdalah, and having the duty to transfer this legacy to higher levels of struggle, I express the belief that there is a way to show effective solidarity with the captive comrade: the commitment that we will continue the revolutionary class war until we tear down the imperialists, their political agents and guards from the Middle East to the center of Europe, from the global South to the capitalist North.

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis 

23 June 2020

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