Chile: Call for Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians to Join the Popular Protests July 2-3, 2020


Given the various calls for popular protest on July 2 and 3, we believe it is important to strengthen and become part of all the spaces of struggle, resistance and autonomous organization.

Even though we understand that the path to recovering our lives does not lead through this or that protest, we know that “Total Liberation” will exist in our imaginary horizon only when we know how to spread the anti-authoritarian plague in all spaces, in all territories in conflict, sharpening ideas and aim, being present with the weichan, by supporting and showing solidarity in all the causes that we consider to be related and that aim at the same enemy (whether it be the state, capital, colonialism, heteropatriarchy, speciesism, the bourgeoisie, power or simply authority), it becomes necessary for us to be present here and now, the moment and the conditions we make them ourselves, with direct action, with our affinities and in solidarity.

No doubt the reasons are plenty, it is no longer necessary to even comment on the contingent reasons why one should or could protest, life itself has become a protest since long before October 18, it is more than 500 years in this decadent spiral of Western (non)life, that has cost us thousands of murders, mutilations and rapes, thousands of forests, rivers, lakes, seas and even deserts penetrated by the indolent machinery that is capable of razing everything in its path in order to maintain the privilege of the economic-political caste.

The call is simple: to continue organizing and sharpening the conflict, to continue spreading chaos and anarchy, to aim for the fall of the military-neoliberal-colonial regime and to become free.

The forms are multiple, from hanging a banner, going out to paste propaganda or to distribute information house to house, to the sound of a pot or to the heat of a barricade in a short street with the neighborhood and neighbors or with freely associated individuals attacking in a more direct way, contributing financial solidarity or organizing a benefit for the prisoners. All these and all the forms that imagination offers to propagate libertarian thoughts are valid and we have direct action on our side.

Obviously everybody should to try to have all the necessary safeguards to prevent contagion in these times of pandemic and the necessary safeguards to confront the forces of the PiƱera dictatorship if necessary.

For the fall of the neoliberal regime and all regimes.
Chaos will be our general strike.
As long as misery exists there will be rebellion.

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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