Buenos Aires, Argentina: Call to Action from the Fanny Kaplan Antagonistic Cell (FAI-FRI)

Buenos Aires, Argentina. June 2020

“…Anarchism is either illegal or it’s not anarchism. That is its essence and its meaning. Its nature. For the same reason, it sometimes seems so obvious to us that we forget to insist punctiliously on the anti-authoritarian and therefore, the consequently anti-systemic character of anarchism. Rabidly anti-systemic! We are against all authority. That is our maxim… That we are against the system of domination, that we are fighting against the social order as a whole, we are objecting to its order and the laws that support it. All laws have been and will be made to give legal support to oppression and domination…”

– Gustavo Rodriguez

This is an appeal to our friends, to our comrades, like-minded and not so like-minded. A warm invitation to practice beautiful disobedience and take back our lives. A call to conflict against all that exists here and now, assuming the consequences of a life at war.

For anyone who lives in the territory dominated by the Argentine State, or almost anywhere in the world, currently there is a state of alert in the face of the current situation. The appearance and expansion of covid-19 quickly became a global problem, and while we do not want to question its existence or veracity, we want to show how the “epidemiological outbreak” unmasks the harmfulness of the class society and neoliberal capitalism maintained by the States its main economic groups.

This virus turned out to be the perfect excuse for the improvement and implementation of new control mechanisms, much more efficient and effective. That is, an opportunity for the strengthening of the States and their coercive apparatus. As well as, also, to test new forms of productivity and socialization, where the most damaged and those who will suffer the repercussions of this permanent crisis will be the same as always, the oppressed, proletarians, marginalized and the most deprived layers of our society.

The measures taken by the Argentine State have not been surprising, from the obligatory social isolation, to charitable “plans” and subsidies, whose purpose is nothing more than to placate the population and avoid any possible rupture of normality, mediatizing the most paternal and charismatic image of the current head of government Alberto Fernandez. These policies of misery are typical of social democracy and the so-called “welfare states”, which have managed to exploit very well “the Peronists” and their representatives in order to preserve appearances and sustain this spectacle. Responding only to the logic of: “bread for today, hunger for tomorrow”, sweeping under the carpet the precarization of labor, the waves of random dismissals, and the accumulation of debts for rent and linked to the area of basic services, among other consequences of this crisis of world capitalism disguised as an epidemic.

In addition, the death of several prisoners who, faced with the threat of the pandemic, mobilized and rioted in different prisons of the country fighting against the miserable conditions of hygiene, overcrowding and confinement. And also, the kidnapping and murder of different people with active political and/or social participation.

Our call is for active solidarity, mutual support among oppressed people and to abandon the aspirationism and servility promoted by the powers-that-be and their false critics. Not to obey any order of confinement and social isolation, and much less to reproduce the role of police for those who have the need or the audacity to go out to the streets and meet their peers. We repudiate the intellectual avant-garde and the demagogy of warlords in our surroundings, as well as all authority.

We call on our comrades and allies to go on the offensive, to arm ourselves and to embrace revolutionary action, by whatever means, against the power in all its forms, here and now.

-Our main enemy is the State, Capital and any form of authority.
-Down with all the prisons, solidarity with all the prisoners of social war throughout the world.
-for the spread of the new urban guerrilla.

Fanny Kaplan Antagonistic Cell (FAI-FRI)

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)




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