Santiago, Chile: Explosive Attacks Against 2 Buses & a Petrol Station by ‘Herd of the North Wind’


Existence is miserable, we live with the sadness of positioning ourselves in a war that has been lost for a long time. It is because of this deep sorrow and rage that we carry out these attacks, always remembering each insurrectionist heart and in solidarity with all human and non-human beings.

We heard the call of nature…

We claim responsibility for the attacks on two buses and a petrol station with the placement of improvised bombs made with a bottle of gasoline attached to a gas can used for stoves and a simple fuse. These actions have been ironically easy to carry out considering the large and useless military and police contingent that moves around the capital under quarantines, inspections and curfews.

We are not artists looking for the applause of the spectators, we are not interested in saving this world because it is already rotten, we do not even romanticize the pandemic that has taken many human lives benefiting biodiversity, nor the different revolts throughout the world because we do not have hope nor do we believe in the masses. However, we do not deny that we like it and it brings us much gratitude and joy to see the world sinking into chaos.

It is easy to assume that the annihilation of the earth, of the beings and spirits that inhabit it is the responsibility of capitalism, the power of authority, of fascism, of progress, of the state and of the rich, well indeed it is and they will pay for it. However, the problem does not lie only in that, but in the techno-industrial society that sustains and perpetuates the devastation and as humans we are not free of that responsibility.

We take our lives by storm, trying to find a modicum of freedom in the constant attack, unleashing our wildest instincts, knowing that in these ways we may encounter death or gray hair but still making our existence a curse to this rotten system.

Without the need to spend our energies criticizing the actions of other groups (we know who our enemies are and we focus on them). We call for attacking the existing, for finding new forms of attack that adapt to the context and for doing so today, now, because tomorrow does not exist.

Power is not attacked with ideas or words, memory is a weapon only if it materializes.


-Herd of the North Wind

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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