Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against the Fascist “Agios Nikolaos” Union in Perama

The voices of Nazi poison from the beginning of the 20th century up to Panagi Tsaldari Street in Keratsini with the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, are still fresh in our personal memory, reminding us of the political leprosy of the ideas of hatred and emptiness that is on offer by the church of nations and homelands. Flags, banners and blood devastated the free fields of planet earth.

The struggle against the establishment of authority with national intents is an integral part of the overall anarchist struggle against States, capital and authority.

The presence of neo-Nazis in the area of ​​Perama, an area born from workers and died from the hammers, fumes and explosions of the shipbuilding and repair zone, working for the ship owners.
The split of Golden Dawn into fractions has not made us lie down. One of their last remaining offices is that of the national union “Agios Nikolaos”, whose only trade union practices are contact with the cannibalistic ship owners about the reduction of labour costs, which is also the purpose for which they fund them.

The blow to the embers of fascism is part of the broader framework of decentralized attacks. Even in the most remote areas, the rage is not over.
In the early hours of Wednesday, May 26, we attacked with an improvised explosive device in the employers’ union of the fascists “Agios Nikolaos” in Perama.

The majority of the media tried to hide the incident, backing the fascists.
Kyritsopoulos and others, no matter how safe you think your hole is, you will be finding us in front of you. Neither in Perama nor anywhere else, crush the fascists in every neighbourhood.

In the arena of modern cannibalism of society – nationalism – power we stand on the side of fire and insurgents.

By taking up action, we breathe.


Sons and Daughters of Chaos

(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English by Act For Freedom Now!)

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