Athens, Greece: Call for an Open Assembly to Empower the Anti-Speciesist Movement

We call for an open assembly to empower the anti-speciesist movement and to organize actions, with the aim of ending the exploitation and use of non-human animals as food, clothing, breeding machines and generally as means for profit.

The regularity of anthropocentric society includes the daily slaughter of millions of animals, the contamination of sea waters, the destruction of habitats for industrial needs, and the plundering of land in the context of capitalist development. From the production of palm oil that brings about the indirect or direct killing of orangutans, the fires of the Amazon a few months ago, and from wind farms and green development to fires in Siberia and now Australia. Non-human animals are the main victims affected immeasurably.

Recently ,we also saw revenge killing and boxing of alive non-human animals in evacuated buildings, forcibly removed from their comrades, losing their housing, to be transferred to the City Detention Centers. In a conjucture, where the state and the anthropocentric society are built beyond the standard practices of extermination and exploitation, (slaughterhouses, breeding grounds, experiment laboratories, pet shops, hunting on land and sea, depredation of nature, confinement-bourgeoises’ amusement parks), through the repressive campaign, they target non-human animals in addition to human animals.

These state attacks further contributed to the need of partnerships building for a common struggle for total liberation. For us solidarity means action. Because exploitation, belittlement and profit against non-human animals are ceaseless , so our fight must be adamant. Even within the anarchist front we observe that there are people who, while fighting against oppression and authoritarian practices, overtly support speciesist attitudes by not recognizing or downgrading the subject as secondary, apolitical or elitist. Frequently, speciesist slogans and discourses are reproduced, as well as the use of non-human animals’ bodies at events as a means of financial support and “solidarity”, while the issue of animal liberation should be seen as an integral part of the struggle against authority, hierarchy and oppression. We stand against all forms of dominion. We do not prioritize oppression and do not show selective solidarity and militancy depending on the privileges each of us holds.

No peace with body tyrants, bosses, controllers, peaceful consumers. Constant conflict with the anthropocentric society, sabotage to industrial development, fire in all cells- cages. Nobody alone against the state.




Sunday 28/06, 16:30 at AKN / Athens Law School

*Sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist and other authoritarian behavior will not be tolerated.

(via Athens Indymedia)

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