Athens, Greece: Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! KEEP YOUR RENT

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We take to the streets to demonstrate as tenants and workers, regardless of ethnicity, race and gender. We take to the streets because more and more people can’t pay their rent. We take to the streets, because more and more people are threatened with eviction. We take to the streets, as we can’t continue working all day long for shitty wages and spend most of our salary on rent. We take to the streets, because the greek state is eager to listen and legislate for the sake of bosses and landlords, while we, as tenants, remain invisible and vulnerable.

We must finally organize in order to:

  • Point out the needs and problems of all tenants, migrant and native.
  • Strengthen our class against bosses and landlords that determine rent prices and access to housing.
  • Demand a new law, that protects and expands tenant rights and stops the rise of rent prices.

We demand:

  • The expansion of the 40% rent reduction per house, for all workers (native and migrants) affected by the crisis and for as long as needed. Bosses’ and merchants’ unions have already claimed for reductions until the end of the year. It’s up to us to serve our interests and claim the expansion of rent reduction!
  • The establishment of a rent control system, defined by the minimum wage. We cannot work all day long and spend all our money on rent and bills.
  • The extension of the minimum rental time from three to six years; It is an extortion for tenants to be threatened with eviction every three years, due to unreasonable raises in rent.
  • Care for the unemployed and the excluded, both native and migrants, with income support that will cover their housing needs in whole. This income support should be taken from the rich. New taxes should be imposed on industrial, ship-owning, touristic, investment and real-estate capital. The greek church, as the largest real-estate owner in the country, should finally pay some more taxes.
  • To stop all Airbnb that transforms our city into a vast hotel and an amusement park. It is a social and economic crime to kick out the true residents of the city in order to make more room for the needs of tourists.

For our migrant sisters and brothers, we stand by your side and demand:

Stop all evictions

Cancel rent dept

Access to decent housing for all

Papers and AMKA for everyone

Access to health care and hospitals for all

Close all camps and detention centers. No one is illegal!

(via Unreal Estate Athens

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