Australia: The Rowville Reich – Nazi Groupuscule The Lads Society’s NEW! Bunker in South-East Melbourne

For those of you coming in late, ‘The Lads Society’ is a nazi groupuscule established by members of the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF) following its collapse in 2017. Tom Sewell, the Society’s lvl boss, is former UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell‘s ex-flunkey and, under the umbrella of ‘The Lads’, over the last three years young Thomas has managed to gather around him several score of his fellow Hitler stans in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere. You may remember Cottrell and Sewell from such headlines as Christchurch shooting accused Brenton Tarrant supports Australian far-right figure Blair Cottrell (Alex Mann, Kevin Nguyen and Katherine Gregory, Background Briefing, ABC, March 23, 2019) or New clues emerge of accused New Zealand gunman Tarrant’s ties to far right groups(Byron Kaye, Tom Allard, Reuters, April 4, 2019) or Threats from white extremist group that ‘tried to recruit Tarrant’ (Patrick Begley, The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 2019).

For about a-year-and-a-half, Sewell and his boys ran a space in Cheltenham, but then lost it after sustained community pressure. In Sydney, the NSW branch operated from a location in Ashfield, but it too fell over sometime after opening in 2018. Undeterred by hostile media reportage, community opposition and links to a mass murderer, Sewell and The Lads have soldiered on and last year opened up a NEW! space in Melbourne’s south-east:

Unit 1, 10 Hi-Tech Place, Rowville (a suburb of Melbourne 27 km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD)

The space was leased to The Lads by [Some Body] in July 2019 and falls within the remit of Knox City Council.

Apart from meeting, talking shop and lifting weights, The Lads have also recently launched a ‘political’ project: the ‘National Socialist Network’ (NSN). Under the wise guidance of Sewell and ex-‘Antipodean Resistance’ (AR) geek Jacob Hersant, the NSN has been busy doing nazi graff, distroing nazi agitprop and generating OMGWTF headlines in May courtesy of the Herald Sun:

The Lads of the NSN naturally thrilled to the article, constituting as it did little more than free advertising for the budding génocidaires. On the other hand, their adoption of the name ‘National Socialist’ does at least render it that little bit more difficult for pundits to not name the Lads ‘neo-Nazi’.


Note that: ‘National Socialist Network’ was briefly the name given to the remnants of ‘National Action’ in the UK after it collapsed; AR was, of course, the fraternal organisation of NA; a few weeks ago, four of its members — including ‘Miss Hitler’ LOL — were jailedafter being found guilty of belonging to NA, which was proscribed as a ‘terrorist organisation’ in 2016.


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