Basel, Switzerland: Two for One – Securitrans Car Sabotaged

2 for 1

Time and again humiliations and beatings happen against people living in camps, committed by members of Securitas. Just recently several such cases were made public, cases which took place in the Bundesasyllager Bässlergut in Basel. Really though, those sure are not news, nor suprising and sure as hell no “individual cases”. The discussion about the commensurability of such actions and phrases like “appropriate physical force” really don`t matter and only seek to conceal a simple truth: Camps are places hostile to life, marred by stress, dependency, endless waiting, powerlesness, control, strict rules, coercion, sanctions… Places in which violence is inevitably bred. Just like the police apparatus with its monopoly on violence obviously fosters brutality. (In this context: Fight The Police! and solidarity with all those rising up against it in the US and all around the globe).

The problem is authority. Let`s smash it!

On June 16th, we sabotaged a car of Securitrans with butryc acid.

Securitrans is a consortium of Securitas and SBB (swiss railways), securing train stations and such.

Securitas not only manages security services and prisoner transport, but is also responsible for upholding law and order in the camps.

The SBB ist equally responsible for transporting prisoners and takes an active part in deportations.

For all of them this is good business.
For us they are obstacles on the path to a life in dignity and freedom for all.

(via Barrikade

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