Germany: Australian Police Kill Aboriginal People with Impunity

Since 1991, 437 Aboriginal people in Australia have died in police custody or prison cells. Not a single policeman or prison guard has ever been held accountable. And none need fear that they ever would, because three out of four Australians have a negative attitude towards Aboriginal people, according to a new study by the Australian National University, regardless of age, gender, education, profession, religion, income or political views.

Aborigines have never relinquished their sovereignty and the politically active among them still feel under colonial occupation. In undeclared war, so to speak. They are discriminated against in almost all areas of life.

The horrific death toll in police custody or prisons is only part of a justice system that continues to abandon Indigenous communities. They are disproportionately imprisoned and often suffer discrimination and brutality by the police.

Just last week, another Indigenous man died in police custody; a policeman in New South Wales attacked an Aboriginal teenager and slammed his head and face into concrete; a prison guard in Western Australia threw an Aboriginal woman to the ground, her condition is now life-threatening.

This is not what they want you to know about ‘sunny, hospitable’ Australia. This positive image is the protective shield behind which an incredible amount of filth can be hidden from the world.

One of the external influences that helped to bring down apartheid in South Africa was to boycott its exports, not to unload its ships, not to make sports exchanges, etc. In Germany, churches and trade unions played a major role in this. They need to reunite to put pressure on Australia.

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

Note from Anarchists Worldwide: Photo is from the recent Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne, part of a huge wave of protests that took place nationally about a week ago despite pressure from the right-wing government, corporate media, police and health authorities all citing supposed ‘health concerns’ regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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