About the Termination of our Social Media Accounts

12.06.2020: Some of you may have noticed that our social media accounts suddenly disappeared without prior notice and have no doubt assumed that we have finally been deleted by the corporate dystopia tech giants – well this is not the case, leaving social media behind was something that we had been pondering for many months; we have now put our thoughts into action and have permanently departed from that miserable domain.

In these times where many anarchist projects seem to exist solely on corporate social media platforms and many anarchist blogs and websites are disappearing – often citing a lack of interest or engagement in their projects from others due to the predominance of social media – we have made a conscious decision to stubbornly double-down in defiance of current trends and staunchly remain only accessible via online anarchist infrastructure. 

An argument could be made that by leaving social media that we are depriving ourselves of a much larger audience than we could ever hope to reach via this humble blog alone. Yes, it is true, that our combined social media presence had resulted in thousands of ‘followers’, ‘likes’ and so on, however we have concluded that at the end of the day that these statistics were basically meaningless and had no bearing on any reality outside of the digital echo-chamber we had constructed for ourselves within the confines of the tech giant’s digital property. In fact we determined that despite all the ‘likes’, ‘reactions’ and ‘shares’ that content from this blog published on social media received, that only a very, very small percentage of people were actually visiting this blog let alone reading its content! A ludicrous state of affairs if ever there were one! 

So now that we have unburdened ourselves from the shackles of social media we feel that this project can become more focused without the constant intrusion of ‘notifications’ and that ever-present thought that one has unwittingly become part of an absurd competition between other anarchist projects to gain the attention of the social media ‘masses’. We feel that the quality of this blog can only improve from hereon in and we look forward to the future of this project and any future conspiratorial connections, affinities and actions that may develop as a result of it. 

Long Live Anarchy – Death to Social Media – Support Anti-Social Anarchist Media

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