Paris, France: ‘Deportation Machine’ Case – Final Act!

On Friday, June 12th at 9am,  in room 4/11 of the Court of Appeal at the Court of Paris (metro Cité) the last appeal of the two trials will be heard in which the police and judicial masquerade aimed to put a stop to the struggles and sabotage against the deportation machine that had taken place since the burning of the largest prison for foreigners in Europe: The CRA of Vincennes, which was completely burned to the ground in 2008. Since 2010, the justice system has been trying to put a stop to acts of solidarity with undocumented migrants in struggle and prisoners in revolt with this gigantic and badly constructed case.

For more information on the phase of struggle repressed by the investigation of which this trial is the last act, please read the brochure  Le Vaisseau des morts a brûlé published in June 2017 on the occasion of the trial of this case in the first instance. [Note from Anarchists Worldwide – English language information about the 2017 trial can be read here].

In June 2017, after seven and a half years of investigation, thousands of pages of files, about fifteen people searched, arrested, watched, listened to, filmed, indicted, four of them imprisoned, two of them for several months, several under house arrest, kept under various judicial controls for more than seven years; after pages and pages of a botched investigation maintained for purposes of repression and surveillance, first conducted by the anti-terrorist section of the criminal brigade and then by a succession of investigating judges, none of whom wanted to end up closing the case, after having stirred up the scarecrow of the domestic enemy and “ultra-left terrorism” (and taken advantage of the means of investigation, In the end, the State and its judiciary were able to hold only two trials on relatively minor charges, the first involving four people and the second (now already tried at first instance and on appeal) with seven defendants.

Of the four involved in the first case, which was heard in the first instance on the 23rd of June, 2017; one was acquitted on the grounds that the charges against him were too old. The three others, who are now charged only with tagging graffiti in solidarity with the riots in the Maghreb during which they were arrested and imprisoned in 2011, were sentenced, finally quite heavily in view of the incriminations, to 4 months prison [suspended] and a 500 euros fine. Two of them have appealed, and are therefore before the courts again.

Why is it important to seize the opportunity to show, by any means that we deem appropriate, and among others, by making ourselves numerous at this inopportune hearing, our solidarity?

First of all, because we have memory. This case concerns a phase of struggle that is important to us and that we need to keep alive, without giving in to the injunctions of repression and without allowing the wear and tear of the passage of time and the vagaries of anecdotal stories, which only work against revolts and revolutionaries. From the arsonists of Vincennes in 2008, to the rioters here and elsewhere today, to the DAB destroyers and the demonstrators of that time, or the revolts of the “Arab Spring” and all those who showed their solidarity with them, in words and deeds, it is the same thread that continues, and that we want to pursue, the thread of an irrevocable rejection of this world of cops, borders, repression, racism, exploitation and domination. The same refusal that, since the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis, has ignited fires of revolt throughout the United States.

Secondly, because we weren’t born yesterday. We are well aware that we can all find ourselves under the threat of this type of police-judicial construction, faced with instructions that could be said to be carried out by the DGSI [Directorate-General for External Security], which have all the more hatched at a time when the “Dati circular” briefly gave wings to the all-powerful police force by demanding that all acts, of whatever nature, attributable to individuals listed as belonging to the so-called “anarcho-autonomous movement” invented for the occasion, be considered and repressed as terrorist acts. This circular is now obsolete and has shown all its inanity. But it has lasted long enough for dozens of companions and comrades to be subjected to sometimes unbearable forms of surveillance and coercion. Moreover, the repressive logic that presided over this delirium is still at work, judicial arrangements that can still be used, even if they are built on the wind and most often lead to almost nothing, to keep the undesirables of the moment under justice with various constraints (electronic bracelets, clocking in and out and judicial controls, house arrest, bans on demonstrations, imprisonment). It is the procedure itself, whatever its outcome, which is already, in itself, an effective punitive measure.

Finally, because, as long as some people are locked up, expelled, thrown from holding cells to operating areas, as long as we are sorted and allowed or not allowed to move around according to our profitability, the fight for freedom for all will have no end. State management of the pandemic has clearly shown this all over the world: blocked at borders, locked up in prison boats, sorted in unspeakable camps, condemned to roam the Mediterranean without help, brought in on charters to work on farms and then expelled on other charters, kept in quarantines in their place of work, migrants are the first to suffer the consequences of the maximum profitability sought by capitalism and managed by States. And the struggle against this world, which has just shown all its capacity for deadly cynicism, requires solidarity with all those who are also struggling, especially those who find themselves targeted by repression, especially at a time when justice claims to be “in slow motion”, the state’s umpteenth cold lie. It is this solidarity that can defeat the attempts to extinguish the fires of a revolt that we are all in a position to help rekindle.

So let’s keep this solidarity alive, by all means.
And let’s come in great numbers to the Paris court (metro Cité) on June 12 at 9am for this last hearing of a case that concerns us all.

From Vincennes to Minneapolis, to the riots of the “Arab Spring”, solidarity with all those in revolt and the rioters!
Let us not let ourselves be judged in silence!
Freedom for all, with or without papers!
Fire to the detention centres!

June 6th, 2020,
Contact: pafledab(at]

(via Non-Fides, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)




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