Matraville, So-Called Australia: Black Lives Matter Revolt at Long Bay Prison

So-Called Australia, 08.06.2020: Riot cops and IAT (Immediate Action Team) have brutally crushed a prisoner revolt that had spread to 3 separate yards at the notorious Long Bay Prison located about 14km south of Warang / Sydney. During the revolt, prisoners used prison-issue towels to spell out BLM (Black Lives Matter) in one of the yards so it could be seen by media helicopters.

Update 1 – There is an ongoing Black Lives Matter uprising at Long Bay Prison, NSW. There is massive resistance.

The Immediate Action Team (IAT) who killed David Dungay Jnr on 29/12/15 and the Riot Squad are deploying massive amounts of tear gas and other chemical weapons into the yards to break the resistance ~ so nobody can breathe.

Children and elderly people in the surrounding suburb of Malabar are also struggling to breathe.

Update 2: The IAT and Riot Squad have used attack dogs, indiscriminate use of riot batons and held a gun capable of firing baton rounds to the head of people who had already surrendered and were restrained.

One person is in hospital with severe dog bite injuries.

The uprising spread over three yards at Long Bay in scenes reminiscent of the Attica Uprising.

The indiscriminate use of tear gas in Long Bay is being inflicted on the people most at risk of contracting and dying from Covid 19.

Some people in neighboring suburbs have fled as tear gas has contaminated large parts of Matraville and Malabar.

(via Abolitionist and Transformative Justice Centre / Facebook)

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