Greece: Financial Solidarity Fund for the 2 Anarchist Comrades Arrested in Thessaloniki

The 2 comrades were arrested on 27/5/20, at Thessaloniki, Greece. They are accused of attempting an explosion, possession of explosives, violence against employees, disobedience and criminal conspiracy according to a made-up indictment. At 1/6 they were released on the following terms:

  1. To give presence 3 times a month at a police station,
  2. Prohibition of leaving the country and
  3. to pay a guarantee-bail of € 10,000 for each one (a total of € 20,000) by 15/06.

In order to ensure that the required amount is covered, so that the comrades are not remanded in custody, we use every means available for financial support. Thus we created this firefund campaign.

Solidarity is our weapon against state’s repressive tactics.

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