Berlin, Germany: Flames for Liebig34 – Against the City of the Rich

On 2.6 we set fire to four Euronet gmbH ATMs (in Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln) in solidarity with Liebig 34 and as a warning to the state, capital and its accomplices what will happen if they try to evict L34.

As the owner of the L34 building and the owner of numerous houses in Berlin, Padovicz rents parts of his land to Euronet for commercial use. Independently of this, Euronet’s ATMs are part of the capitalist infrastructure and capital’s plans for the total gentrification of our neighbourhoods. A city is being created, which is centrally involved in the best possible exploitation of mass tourism, and neighbourhoods are being planned which are intended for residents who do not care about fees for withdrawing money.

In such a city, of course, there is no place for anti-hierarchical and self-governing open spaces like the anarcho-queer-feminist housing project such as Liebig 34, which Padovicz, state and capital want to replace with a money machine that serves capital and allows capital to emerge.

Of course, we do not hope for redemption from the courts and we know that the justice system serves the interests of capital.

What we want are occupied houses and decentralized actions in solidarity with Liebig 34 and as a counter-attack on the state and capital.

We are fed up with the plans of Padovicz and all the other rent sharks!

We will meet on the streets of rage!

Liebig 34 will stay!

Solidarity greetings to the uprisings in Minneapolis and the other cities in the USA!

Revenge for George Floyd!

(via Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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