Valparaíso, Chile: Explosive Attack Against the Anglo American Mine by Autonomous Revolutionary Squads

Valparaíso: Sabotaje con explosivos a Minera Anglo Americana + Reivindicación de Escuadrones Revolucionarios Autónomos [$hile]

On May 1, 2020, in the Nogales sector of the Valparaiso region, a loud bang shook the sector near the Santa Isabel footbridge, in the middle of a curfew.

This explosion destroys the water pipeline that feeds the Anglo American mining company, sabotaging the work of the mine.

After the detonation there were no arrests and even though no leaflets were found, some time later the group “Autonomous Revolutionary Squads” claimed responsibility.

The Mayor’s Office and the company filed a complaint against those responsible.

A new group of Urban Guerrillas have emerged and they have claimed responsibility for placing explosive devices and engaging in armed confrontations.

1 “The Tireless Struggle of the Oppressed” 

The decadent capitalist system is giving its last gasps and all over the world the mirage that gave the illusion of prosperity and progress to millions is falling apart. Far from it, the great majority of us live overwhelmed by debt, with miserable pensions and in precarious jobs, unable to pay for health, education or housing. Needs of the first order that are denied to us today. And while the giant is drowning, it is destroying everything in its path. He is deaf to science, to the designs of our ancestral cultures and he doesn’t give a damn about the environment and life, as long as he continues to accumulate paper money and profits. It is evident and well known by the communities that are fighting for water today, that the drought is not because of the scarcity of water, but because of the indiscriminate theft of this vital element by multinationals that appropriate it, supplying mining and forestry operations, oligarchic agriculture for export, to the detriment of the independent peasantry and our communities and populations. But they do not only deprive us of water to drink, to wash our hands, to cook. They deprive us of the beauty of seeing a river running, of bathing with our children, of contemplating and looking at those places where our grandparents settled, and where today we only see dust. For this reason and much more, we rise up as urban-rural guerrillas and claim responsibility for the explosive attacks perpetrated last May 1st against Anglo American in El Melón [1], and against two high tension towers in the Atacama region. Also the expropriation of dynamite from the gunpowder magazine of the National Explosives Company in the region of Antofagasta and the armed rifle attack on the town of Pudahuel, in the city of Melipilla. Murderous police and fascist civilians, executioners and accomplices of Sebastian Piñera’s dictatorship, Justice will be the popular one.

Chilean people the October revolt is not over. Our dead, mutilated, raped and murdered have not been forgotten. We vindicate the Mapuche Nation and as brothers we embrace together the Weychan. We are the reinforcement of that glorious Primera Linea that showed us that the barricade closes the street, but opens the roads.

Territories to be activated

Autonomous Revolutionary Squads

May 2020

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

[1] Note from Anarchists Worldwide: Anglo American is a British multinational mining company based in Johannesburg. They operate the El Soldado Mine and El Torito Tailings Dam, in El Melón, Chile, an operation that has resulted in local communities losing their rights to water and has caused water scarcity and toxic pollution to the environment. 

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