Chile: Compilation Album in Memory of Anarchist Compañerx Mauricio Morales

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Compiled from the memory of Punky Mauri.

Musical compilation with the collaboration of compañerxs from different territories and generations, as well as the brothers and sisters whose valuable lives were taken in action.

In memory of Mauricio Morales Duarte, who fell in combat 11 years ago, when he decided to attack the Gendarmerie School with a homemade explosive device.

This recording is mostly based on the book, “Mauri, la ofensiva no te olvida. Textos del compañero anarquista Mauricio Morales”, published in September 2009; and in re-encountered audios of thoughts and positions made into music, that is, it is Mauri himself who exposes his ideas and feelings.

While El “Punky Mauri” towards the end of his days defended individualistic and antisocial ideas, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in various territorial or even popular initiatives, in barrios and library collectives where he developed as a critical and active participant.

With Mauricio Morales Duarte and Pelao Angry in our Memory, present in Anarchic Action; between Books, Forums, Fire and Black Gunpowder.

Released May 22nd, 2020


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