Berlin, Germany: Return to Sender – the Fire of their Wars

In the danger zones of Berlin, the police carry out an aggressive spatial occupation by besieging neighborhoods in Friedrichshain and Neukölln or by occupying public places and parks in Kreuzberg. Manhunters are in action against young people, against migrants, against outcasts. They also prepare evictions of occupied spaces. In response to calls for decentralised action, we found what we were looking for in Marzahn and attacked a truck belonging to the war profiteer DB Schenker with simple means in the night of May 27th.

In the shadow of the pandemic and the associated media attention, NATO armies carry out their bloody trade every day on the large and small battlefields of the world.
This is also the case in Rojava. A week ago it was reported that the Turkish state is continuing its attacks on northern Syria. In the village Şiyûx west of Kobanê two civilians have been injured by artillery fire. The area west of Kobanê has been under artillery fire from the Turkish occupation zone around Djarablus for four days. To the west of Ain Issa, artillery attacks have been fired at the M4 link road and the villages Hoşan and Xalidiyê. The shelling has set fire to fields in the region. Fighter jets are circling over Ain Issa. In the villages of Cirin, Qeter and Kulik in the region around Girê Spî (Valley Abyad), Turkish Jihadist occupying forces have set fire to fields.

To the military-civilian complex, this is intended to serve as a decision-making aid for the sensible members of the corporate management: burning trucks as a reason to stop logistics for the NATO forces and to withdraw the vehicle fleet from Berlin. Berlin is a dangerous city for DB Schenker and other companies. Due to the police flooding of some areas, the economy is defenceless against our attacks in other districts.
Those responsible in the Senate recall the decentralized concepts of autonomous groups: whoever signs the eviction order for Liebig34 is committing political suicide. Be it through the unsuccessful siege of certain neighborhoods or the eternally same agitation against the inner enemy; the actors of the city as a target cannot escape us.

To achieve this, the forces that want a fundamental change do not necessarily have to reorient themselves and reposition themselves internationally, as the Volcano Group Shut Down the Power demands in its statement on the attack on the Heinrich Hertz Institute. More consistency and perseverance in implementing previous strategies can also make a difference.

Sabotage war profiteers until they withdraw from the aggression against Rojava!

Attack everything decentrally until the official renunciation of the eviction terror against rented flats, occupied spaces and Liebig34 is announced!

(via Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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