Bouguenais (Loire-Atlantique), France: Incendiary Visit to a Polluting Technocrat

Originally posted on Nantes Indymedia on 22.05.2020:

Incendiary visit to a polluting technocrat: 5 vehicles went up in smoke at Engie’s in Bouguenais on the night of May 21-22, 2020.

When Engie isn’t cutting off the electricity for unpaid bills, it continues to harm society and the planet by many other means at its disposal. We don’t want Linky meters that collect our personal data, nor wind turbines or nuclear power plants that contribute to the pollution of nature and the destruction of biodiversity.

There will be no ecological transition without radical change.

“The passion for destruction is a creative passion too!” – Mikhail Bakunin

#ADA / Anarchist Direct Action

(via Attaque, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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