Basel, Switzerland: Diplomatic Corps Vehicle Consigned to the Flames

The targets are everywhere: the companies with their buildings, machines, vehicles, people in charge; the shopping miles, billboards, courts, police stations and patrols, military barracks, transport hubs, border fences, surveillance cameras, fibre optic networks, radio masts, government buildings, churches, party offices… and sometimes you can even catch a Diplomatic Corps car, like last weekend in Basel. Haha!

(According to reports, two burning vehicles were reported around 02.15 on Sunday morning (17 May) in Nonnengasse. There was considerable material damage. The second car will probably have been the Mercedes that was parked in front of it).

It is not clear which specific corps was hit here. Any person or institution in the service of any state. But this act is rather to be understood as an attack on the whole world of states, on the idea of being governed and administered, on the principle of authority as such.

What could be written in this declaration to do justice to the centuries-old history of institutionalized authority? A history marked by subjugation, expropriation, coercion, persecution, devastation, control, up to the repeated mass massacres. So where should one begin and where should one end?

Aware that only a generalized insurrection would be an appropriate response, nevertheless a few words:

The state, as a concrete expression of authoritarian relations, embodies the idea that society depends on the rules of a centralized power to coexist peacefully and orderly. By means of orders and sanctions, people are managed and controlled according to the values of the state and its allies. Regardless of its form, colour or intention, it is always a disabling attack on the ability of human beings to discover their own reality for themselves and to define it according to their own very diverse and unique individual and collective imagination. Life could be an ever reinvented game, under the state it is simple survival for something that is not you.

In order to maintain or even extend this position of power acquired in blood, warlike conflicts with competing states and the constant development of control are inevitable. “The state does not make peace, it makes war. The state does not protect, it orders, threatens, oppresses, imprisons…”, was written on a wall, to which it should only be added that it protects the interests of the rich.

The mendacious fight of the various states for the sovereignty to interpret the current Corona crisis is just another episode of their sad logic: a war that today is now fought for data, knowledge and information. The war of the 21st century.

The widespread use of modern digital control technologies to contain the crisis is also characteristic of the new century, in which life will increasingly take place in digital space and be controlled, evaluated and monitored by some kind of invisible algorithms. The limits of this development are not foreseeable, especially since they are being pushed further and further by the compulsion to progress.

Corona is only a crisis in a world in which crises have become the norm. Other crises caused by this order will come. The question of how the world of states will react to this has now been answered. Repressive administration is the art perfected by the state.

So here we stand. Where should we begin, where should we start?
Perhaps right here.
Long live revolt.

Any people who refuse to comply.
Like thousands before and, we hope, thousands after.

(via Barrikade, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

Note: The photo accompanying this action report is a stock photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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