Germany: Attacks on the Homes of AfD Fascists in Hamburg & Berlin

Hamburg: Attack on the home of an AfD politician

During the morning of 20.05.2020 we attacked the apartment of the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) politician Benjamin Mennerich in Hamburg-Billstedt with stones and paint bottles. On the facade of his home we made his place of residence visible to his neighbours.

The racist AfD politician Benjamin Mennerich (DOB 09.03.1981) lives at Möllner Landstraße 121c, EG. After graduating from high school in 2000, Mennerich joined the Bundeswehr and rose to the rank of officer. In 2017 he ended his service for the fatherland and since then has been a reserve officer. During his career as a German soldier Mennerich joined the AfD. He is another example of the ideological and personnel intersections between right-wing circles and the German security authorities. In May 2019, Mennerich was elected to the Hamburg-Mitte district assembly as one of four AfD members. The Bezirksverband Mitte can be assigned to the inner-party völkisch “wing”, which was formally dissolved in March 2020. In the state elections at the end of February 2020, Mennerich was ranked 13th on the AfD state list and missed his entry into the Senate.

On the streets, too, the former Bundeswehr soldier tries to express his inhuman attitudes. In Hamburg in 2018, he took part in at least three runs of the racist “Merkel-muss-weg” rallies organized by neo-Nazi Thorsten Gardlo (picture 2, middle, light blue shirt). Right-wing hooligans, NPD cadres, Holocaust deniers and AfD politicians regularly gathered there to rally against refugees and migrants. On September 1, 2018, Benjamin Mennerich took part in the “silent march” organized by a fascist alliance of AfD, Pegida and “Pro Chemnitz” in Chemnitz (picture 3, front right, in jacket). With thousands of right-wingers, Mennerich marched as part of a racist mob through the streets of the Saxon city. The participants chanted Nazi slogans and repeatedly made the Hitler salute. Out of the demonstration there were physical attacks and hunts for people who were perceived as “non-German”.

On the outside, Benjamin Mennerich likes to give himself a middle-class look with a suit and tie. Behind this is a convinced nationalist and racist with military training. He wraps his political message in harmless sounding words. On the homepage of the AfD district faction HH-Mitte he is “shocked” by the decaying “appreciation of the family” as well as the age structure of the German population and means nothing else than the conspiracy-theory idea of the “Great Exchange”. This imagined threat scenario forms an ideological bracket within the right-wing scene and drives the conservative suit-wearer together with violent neo-Nazis onto the streets. The result is a deadly danger for people who are categorized as non-Germans in the racial-exclusionary perspective of Benjamin Mennerich.

It is unimportant which internal trench warfare is currently being fought in the AfD, the basic fascist orientation of the party does not change. As long as the party exists and spreads its inhuman agitation, we will attack its representatives and their retreat areas!

No quiet night for the AfD!

Make racists afraid again!


Berlin: Attack on AfD-Icon Schachtschneider

18.05.2020: Since the racist murders in Hanau and Celle, there have been many attacks on those who are complicit in right-wing terror as functionaries of the AfD. Right-wing media, authors and supposed intellectuals also support the development of the right-wing collective movement. In Berlin today, Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider was hit, and under the cover of the night we sprayed paint and stones on his apartment in Treiberpfad 28 in Weidmannslust.

Karl Albrecht is closely associated with the core projects of the right-wing movement: he is a member of the leadership team of the campaign project “Ein Prozent” (with Philip Stein, Götz Kubitschek, Jürgen Elsässer, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider and others) and is a frequent guest at Compact TV as well as a speaker at the Compact conferences. He is on the board of trustees of the Desiderius-Erasmus Foundation, and he also maintains friendly relations with the “Flügel”, after all he was one of the supporters of the Flügel’s predecessor “Patriotic Platform”. He is also known as a “constitutional law expert”, who has initiated a number of constitutional complaints, among others on the Lisbon Treaty, Austria’s accession to the EU, monetary union, and finally in 2016 within the framework of “One Percent” on the closure of the German borders.

Although Schachtschneider never officially joined the AfD, he has accompanied it from the beginning. In 2012 he was among the founders of the “Wahlalternative”, the direct predecessor of AfD. The combination of national conservatism and open neo-fascism has interested him for a long time. For example, he is also president of the extreme right-wing study centre Weikersheim, which was founded by NSDAP member Hans Filbinger, who as a Nazi naval judge handed down several death sentences. In summer 2008 he was a rereferent at the “Dienstagsgesgespräch” in Berlin, which was recently protected by Combat-18 sympathizers, among others.

Besides his books and articles in Kopp Verlag, Sezession, Junge Freiheit, his activity at Compact is particularly dangerous. No other right-wing medium is able to radicalize so quickly and efficiently and still reach such a broad audience. Neo-Nazis read Compact, angry citizens read Compact, conspiracy ideologues read Compact, AfD MPs read Compact, and in a properly equipped police car Compact should not be missing.

We dedicate this action to the memory of Arcan Hussein Khalaf, Gökhan Gültekin, Sedat Gürbüz, Said Nessar Hashemi, Mercedes Kierpacz, Hamza Kurtović, Vili Viorel Păun, Fatih Saraçoğlu, Ferhat Unvar, and Kaloyan Velkov.

(originally posted on Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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